Regular agenda 01-10-2023.docx
Meeting Agenda 02-14-23.docx
Meeting Agenda 03-14-2023.docx
Meeting Agenda Regular 04-11-23.docx
Joint BoCC Meeting agenda 4-18-23.docx
BoCC joint meeting signed 4-18-23.pdf
Regular Meeting Agenda 05-09-2023.docx
Meeting Agenda regular 06-13-2023.docx
Reg. Meeting agenda 08-08-2023.docx
Meeting Agenda 09-13-23.docx



Reg. Meeting Minutes signed 4-11-23.pdf
BoCC joint meeting signed 4-18-23.pdf
December 2022 Meeting Minutes.PDF
November 2022 Meeting Minutes.PDF
October 2022 Meeting Minutes.PDF
PH Meeting Minutes 4-12-22.PDF
Meeting Minutes Regular 05-09-2023.docx
January Meeting Minutes.PDF
02-14-2023 Signed Meeting Minutes.PDF
03-14-23 signed reg. meeting minutes.PDF
Minutes Regular Meeting 04-11-2023.docx
Meeting Minutes Regular 05-09-2023.docx
Meeting Minutes Regular 06-13-23.docx

Town of La Crosse Florida Fiscal Report.

ToLC 2018-2019
ToLC Final Budget 2020-2021
Lacrosse FY 21-22 Final Budget.pdf
Town of LaCrosse 2022-2022 Budget.pdf