Hours of Operation

Monday                      9:00 AM ~ 2:00 PM

Tuesday                     9:00 AM ~ 2:00 PM

Wednesday                Closed **

Thursday                   9:00 AM ~ 2:00 PM
Friday                         Closed **
Saturday                    Closed
Sunday                       Closed

** Appointments available for days office is closed. Contact Clerk@townoflacrosse.net to set an appointment.



Fire Commissioner:

External link opens in new tab or windowBarbara Thomas

Fire Chief:

Leonard Reeder

External link opens in new tab or windowfirechief@townoflacrosse.net

Deputy Chief:

Chris Miller

External link opens in new tab or windowdeputyfirechief@townoflacrosse.net

20421 N State Road 121

LaCrosse, Florida 32658

Phone: 386-462-1544

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Public Records Notice: Town of LaCrosse is governed by the State of Florida
Public Records Law

therefore, all information we receive online including your e-mail address

be disclosed to any person making a public record request.  If you have any

about the Florida Public Records Law refer to Chapter 119 Florida Statutes.